Native hip hop and peyote hours and mixed

The Diné

Navajo Studies is about the studies of Navajo people in general areas of the language, culture and oral historical tradition, and specific topics in various area of the socio-culture institution, authentic language and traditional history of some of the major existing Navajo ceremony today >>> 


It's about the contemporary spiritually living and functional culture of the Diné as well as the research and studies of the great Navajo past history, the history of the Navajo Chirachura and Windy ceremony, the Nightway and its Blessingway, the Male and Female Mountain way chants, the prototype Blessing way, the Emergence way, the Eagle way, the Nidaa;, and many more ceremonies of the Diné, the Navajos as      ancient and the contemporary in Americas and as well as the greater world  >>>

Navajo Tradition and Archaeology

It's about the studies of the ancient Navajo artifacts, historical and cultural anthropology and archaeology and the association where artifacts was found like countries as well as contemporary colonial dominated land status base on western academia authority information, re-interpretation and interpretation of the past, includes is the ancestry studies of mitochondria DNA 

It's about both specific and generalized of the ancient Navajo culture, language, customs, values, ceremonies, knowledge that was passed on from generation to generations since time memorial the beginning of time and that continue to this day

Culture, Language and History

It's about the existing and extinct Navajo ceremonies, songs, poems & poetry, sandpainting, story, symbols, and colors includes the meanings, revitalizes the lost ceremonial knowledge, and continue to practices and encourage Navajo people to learn

It's about the basic verb stem system of the Navajo language, the world view through verbs, and children learning abstract symbols at early age

It's about the colorful mathematics of circle, of square, of triangle, and of cultural color language,  ancient color meaning and contemporary symbols still uses, ancient traditional symbols associates with archaeological scientific evidences and numbers and with petroglyphs

Black and White ceremonial photos of the Tł'ééji Hataałi of the Diné, Ye'iih images

Baja coastal rock art a painting of Red Black body with trinity crown and similar to Navajo Niłch'iji Hatááłi wind people and also of Tłééji Hatááłi Nightway people contemporary ceremonial sandpained

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Diné yishinił ts'ąą'

Early Days Learning

Above center with Red and Black zig zag design body is Navajo Ye'iih Dancer of the Windway performing in the Nightway, this is only appropriate dress when the Nłch'iji hatááłi got is being held within the Tł'ééjí hatááłi, I learned this when I started dancing for Fred Steven, Fred was a Practitioner of several ceremonies, Charley Benally is another major ceremonial Practitioner, Ray Winnie, Ray I assisted him in Na'at'oyeeh biką' jihatááł, Alfred Yazzie, assisted him in sand painting, sweat lodge preparation, and fixing Ye'ii's masks and severals others, Frank Harvey, a Master story Teller, Curley Mustache, a Master story Teller I worked with them for about five years in class and field ceremonies continue to this day >>> 

Events Information

Tł'ééjí hatááłi starts on or near Fall Equinox each year in September the major EVENT, the Ghąąjį' is the Equinox marks and divide the season a New Year beginning for the Navajos, Ghąąjį' means HALF WAY, some animals, plants begin their winter hibernation life in the underground another way of knowing the world of Ni'hodiłhił the Dark World