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Navajo Games

Késhjee' is a winter activities when the some of the animals that contributed to the making of a human goes into hibernation. They contributed themselves as edible for human, their properties were is use as rope, strings, clothing, shelters, blankets, mocassins and other things.

The general Keshjee' is the Night people versus day people. The tracks of the many different animals are the Mountains on both side the day and night. COYOTE is number 4 in this drawing he lives in the four corner since Coyote is sitting on the North side he is consider the 'child of the night'. He live live all four corners of the morning, noon, evening and midnight. And the Coyote is the child of all corners.

Keshjee' is played in the summer with closed chimney and door way that no light is to come into the hoghan because it is suppose to be a cosmic darkness. Animals that were hibernating are now on earth surface. Watch out!

Navajos also have story of playing with the GIANTS and Coyote was part of the beating Ye'iitsoh. The Navajo players made the Ye'iitsoh cried.

Coyote also chopped the Giant's leg off in the darkness of Sweat lodge. Coyote is also almost in all important happening he is present and he make the final decision at the end.

The Navajo World

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