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Star Ceremony

Sǫ' tsohji Hataał

Sǫ' tsohji Hataał is Big Star Chant and the contemporary Navajo sand painted of Big Star way ceremony. Star people came down from the big star and assisted Earth people break ice of frozen earth. melted with terrible effects. Chant is interesting that human eyes are Stars, Eye brows / lid is bows/arrows, mouth is w/teeth.

Petroglyph of Hueco/Texas, Navajo sand painted and Dinetah are alike. Green eyes. Rock art / petroglyph and sand painted verify Navajo migrations in Americas.

Texas Petroglyphs, Rock art, painting and symbols information.

Dinetah. Dinetah a regional resources available where people of all tribes came to secured the area survived major environmental changes such as drought, famine, warfare and food.

Annunaki / Anaa' naaki as Two Warriors and/or Anaa' naakií and/or Anaa' naakah would mean the 'Warrior are around' and/or Twin Warriors are around. Annunaki

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