Asdzą́ní Nadleeh ba’ ałchį́ni

Re-creation of human according to the way of the Earth and that ia the children of the Asdzą́ní nadleeh

1Tó dich’ii’niih ’bitter air water’ she recreated the first human from the front of her body while facing east (Atlantic Ocean) the lightening Thunder people of the north with elongated cone skull (see Navajo Lightening way ceremonial’s Tsin nidi’nį’ with elongated head, eyes and mouth, the cultural indentification

2.  Todik’ǫ́zhi ’Salt water’ the second human she recreated was from her back (Pacific Ocean)

3Hashtł’ishnii’mud’ was the third one she recreated from the left side of her body and Nashdóitsoh éi biłį́į́’ ba’anałyaah jini, Jaguar identify the each human re-made,

4Tó áháni ’near the water, ocean, river, artesian people of the 4th world known as Ni’hałgai and not underground water’, Tł’iishtsoh biłįį’ ba’anałyaah jini Big Snake a cultural identity (Quetzacoatl?) Tó áháni ei Nishnááji goh adiyoodis at’e from the right side of h ei at’e jini

5Bit’ąąniih ’many leaf or the 5th generation with one sixteen quantum blood no longer related to the previous civilization population, the last human remake from all over her body Adiyoodis jini, She gave him seeds corn, melons, pumpkins and beans to take back to

Hwiinee’ éi Naats’iiłid at’e akoh éi haghaał at’e akoh hoghąn éi hoghąn Yisdzą́ą́n wółyeh binah hasdząh éi biniinaa’ oołyéh

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Yikai Yischį

The Diyįn Diné’e planned for the conception, purposes and birth of Asdzání Nadleeh was because of the Naayee’ (Monsters) on Earth that was the reason the people are not multiplying on Earth, Diné dooh ałąąn dinisee dah jini, t’ooshįįh naayee’ ahooł dįįł goh biniinaah, the first plan was to have the Ni’asdzani (’surface of the Earth’) or Ni’hosdzaan (cavities of the Earth) to mate with Yadiłhił the Cosmic blood darkness man, a way of knowing that Cosmos blood darkness is mating with Earth’s surface is when the K’ǫs diłhiłii (Dark clouds) comes down and covers the Mountain top in the Ak’eegoh (Sex or mating in the hibernation in the darkness Fall (ghąąjį’) and also it happens in the spring, but she was the beginning the fall Yikai Yishchį́ DAWN IS BORN  at the same place she was conceived the fire place iniłt’ąnįįh

Asdzání nadleeh is birth to modern human biła’ashdla’iih,  Asdzani Są’ at’e (old age) and inǫǫneeł at’e (death) death to make rooms for others, she is the Be’iinizįįd (Power of the Moon), she is everything she he is a Modern man creation (Pyramid of the Moon @ Teotihuacan), she he is the Duality and Oneness, the male and female side of your body like the way a base circle of a hoghąn if divided EAST WEST and associated with colors blue and Red but blue is invisible  color but to the Diné energy is turquoise blue, it comes from above not seen,  water is blue, day time is blue, there is a Lunar calendar that begins with Asdzani Nadleeh a calendar month is Ghąąjį’ the dividing of the male and female season, six months of male and female that’s twelve lunar months a year each month has a different number and according to late Jean Chee there is sometimes 6 New Moon in summer and 7 in the winter and it reverses back and forth, interesting is it adds to 13 but I haven’t check if Moon phases yet

Asdzání Naddleeh a young women puberty on New Moon, Kinaalda will age to become Asdzání doołeeł a mature woman to reach Sąh is old age, Asdzání nadleeh Sąh at’e, Asdzání Nadleeh ei Nadleeh t’aah ałah beeholǫ́ go’ oołyeh jini bichǫ doo bijoozh akoh éi bits’ą́ą́doh Diné doo Asdzani nehechiidoo łeeł jini, from then on females give birth to either a male or a female and this is the origin of Biła’ashdla’iih  so Asdzaah nadleeh asdzaah nadleeh neiłyah jini