Atł'aadi maybe the original word for Atlantis Atlantean

The Atlantean Haplogroup may be X

"Cayce indicated that the largest migration from Atlantis occurred just before 10.000 B.C. The majority of these Atlantean survivors went to the Northeastern coastal areas of America and Canada becoming the Iroquois. It should be recalled that Cayce also stated that not all of the Iroquois were Atlantean. The Atlanteans migrating to the Americas merged with the people already present in America by that time. 

The Atlanteans became kaders of the tribes. Cayce’s story’ makes it clear that the Atlanteans had serious disputes among themselves that were reflected in ongoing violent conflict. (This was the struggle between the Belial and Law of One groups.) 

This is confirmed by the Iroquois’ ancient history that tells of constant battles resulting in distant displacements of entire tribes to ensure their survival. Perhaps the most astonishing confirmation of Cayce’s story of ancient America is the presence of haplogroup X. What is known is that the X haplogroup first showed up in America perhaps 34,000 years ago, but its main entry occurred in 10,000 B.C. 

These dates match Cayce’s time frame for Atlantean migrations as well as the occurrence of X in the specific tribes predicted by his statements. The X group also appears to have shown up in ancient Iberia and in the Basques about the same time as well as in the Gobi. 

These dates match Cayce’s story of the final two destruction of Atlantis and the resulting migrations to these areas."

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"Begochiddy took the earth brought from the first world and created mountains in the east, south, west, and north, and plants similar to those in the first world, and he planted white cotton in the east, blue cotton in the south, yellow cotton in the west, and black cotton in the north. On this world the soil was not rich enough to plant crops. He created the humble bee, honey bee, yellow jacket, and the black wasp. He made twin men and twin women and Begochiddy smiled as he created all these things.

Bit’ąąniih ei do’ original Diné clan at’e because Naanise’ ei Tó biyi’ nanise’ at’e doo niłch’i do’ yeehiná jin doo aadooh Kǫ’ do’ at’e didooł tł’łi its a fire it will make fire so the 5th clan was named Bit’ąąniih many leaf, many off-spring sibling, family


Ye’ is a SEED so Ye’iih is a seed known as Ak’ǫǫ’, the seeds come from above and plants its seeds into the Ni’ a surface of the Earth, Male on Female

Shiye’ is my Son my seed, shik’ǫǫ’ at’e

Ayéhe is an in-law or a married men, he has a seed to plant into certain compatibible clan blood

Shiyéh is my in-law either male or female as address by family members not the Father or Mother, ei ei Shaadaané nįįdooh

Diłýéhé is Pleiades a group of planting seeds the male and female or a family as one seed clan

K’eełyei is a planting seed since they mate when you plant it known as k’eed, ak’eed is fornication having sex so that is what Ye, Ye’ is