Tacheeh is the foundation the essence of all prototype ceremonies the SADII its by itself Niłch’i doo Tó doo Kǫ’ ei sadii at’e doo t’aała’i gii at’e

Bikaagi Atsahji aza’ a’ nįįł

By Pacheco
The great pachacuti estela 10-tiwanaku

The Word for prophet in Hebrew is nabi (Smith's Bible dictionary) derived from a verb which means " the cup runneth over " as a " source that is filled with grace ", therefore, the word means one who announces the manifesto of God. Similarly, in the Egyptian Hieroglyphs a priest or prophet is invariably represented by a man pouring out the contents of a cup, meaning "Noble man or a prophet". (Lamb, 1835). The word in Spanish and English comes from the Greek Phrophetes, means in Greek classic who speaks on behalf of another, especially someone who speaks in the name of a God-P. E. Father sky, a very ancient deity, and therefore, transmits his desire to men; its meaning is essential " interpreter ". certainly, this definition of the Hebrew word for " Prophet ", that it was found by chance, woke up the imagination on the procedure to follow in the interpretation of the symbols of the stele 10 (the great pachacuti) where are you You can watch a character that holds a "glass full of fruits of the water". (
Great Pachacuti is Bach’ahk’ǫs or Viracocha is bihaak’ǫs ch’ah and this would from ’his neck up is k’ǫs cloud and its a hat so Bik’ǫs haach’ah Neck hat its unbelievable Navajo world of language and images)

Crystal being is the results from air, water and fire and each one of the element can be used usages in all Navajo ceremonies, crystal gazing to find information, causes, remedy and Air is used for listening as a device to find information, what’s going on, causes as well as fire and this we call it Trinity its one and the same things its a states of matter, in knowledge wise its located in the center of a hoghąn and hoghąn is a Rainbow, you see sand painted with rainbow around it, Tseghałdinidiniih was the fire of the First man while Dootł’izhii was First woman’s fire

Crystal is a human its created rainbow that gave birth to Asdzani nadleeh, she came into being aak’eegoh Fall time

Putting on white shell Yoołgai on live Trapped Eagles is called Yoo’ee Hataałi

Extinct Hataałi

1.  Łoo’ji the Fish or sea life ways

2.  Tsahji Awl ways

3.  Haashch’eetsohji Big god ways

4.  Zheehee Hunting ways

5.  Dine’eji   

Ghąąjił gai is bighąąjį’ łigai or biwos doo degoh łigai is Bald Eagle Ghąąjį’ is from shoulder up and in the Fall when New Navajo calendars begin is also ghąąjį’ from a man’s shoulder up refers to Cosmic man Yadiłhił hastiin

Eagle trapping techniques is shown on the right a sandpainted with Gah (Rabbit) and Ghąąjił gai its a descriptive, the sand painted Yoołgai bikaagi (on a white shell trapping places)

In the old days you find places with three circular stones stacked up about three feet in a row across but sometimes its a straight row at the end of the stacked row is a hole enough to fit two Eagle Trappers and a Bald Eagle when pulled in into the hole, just before the Eagles is to catch a Rabbit the Rabbit is pulled out of the way by another Trapperscalled Atsah ahi’nįįł

Eagles are trapped for ceremonial purposes sometimes are let go alive after obtaining medicinal parts from the Eagles one is its tears for crystal gazing, a living center tail called Hinaabits’os or t’aahinaagoh bits’os ałyai gii at’e The killed one used in most ceremony, in Nidaa’ during the summer (Utes are Eagle Trappers)

Atsahji Hataałi is an Eagle traaping affects from the Eagles either Bald or Golden Eagle Atsahish zhiin and other birds that are  trapped and process for ceremonies, virus is a sores in dormant for sometimes in your body which later activate as sores on your body, ceremonies includes burnt Ayaash a little spring time birds’ feather, grinded and burn to snip by a Trappers, Eagle itself is the cure, the diseases came from the Eagles

There are Atsahji azee’ Eagle’s ways medicine to cure, some says it effects you because you didn’t processed it right one process is use fresh Juniper tree and smoke the virus out of the Eagle’s body, not fire just plenty of smokes, I don’t think virus are dead but the smokes rolled it in little balls or so, and other affect is because you didn’t put white shell around the left ankle before you let it go

(a text from a book on Hebrew origin of Bible a CUP K’ǫs)  In the Beginning: The Origins of the Hebrew Alphabet Modern Hebrew writing isn't really based on ancient Hebrew letters at all, and it's because of the exile in Babylon. Michael Handelzalts Aug 04, 2013 read more: http://www.haaretz.com/jewish/.premium-1.539683

"In the beginning God created heaven and earth, the bible tells us, in Hebrew, in the original." (... in the beginning surface was blood darkness became to be known as Ni’hodiłhił, then Four direction and color Clouds rose and creation in verb in actions)

Diné bahane’

(Mountain bundles?)

’Gateway (of) to the Sun’ tiwanaku, Ye’iitsoh tsénidaas tł’įį’ jini, Ch’ił da tsénidaas tł’įį’ dóó Diné ła’ tsénįį’ gone’ nidaas tł’įį’ jini, naałdlooshiida dóó naat’agii do’, akǫǫh tse t’aadoole’e nidahalin (kodoo daats’i naakií dadii’aash bitaa’ yich’į’i?) What is the statue holding? Tóbájíshchį́ni daats’i at’į joh bitsiits’iin dik’ąh?

Ha’at’iishą’ danidiił yeeh shįįh dayooji? Naayee’ eeh bidanidiił yeeh daats’i at’e? ei dooda goh daats’i Nihosdzaan doo yadiłhił bidanidiił yeeh at’e?

Tula of Meso-America daats’i adaat’į́? Tóla (Tó is water and ls éi ’area’? area of or water area?) Diidaats’i YE’IITSOH kezhoozhi ke yeenihaaniyah at’į́? ei yee’ shash ya’ wah!?

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