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"Chichen Itza, Mexico – Located in Southeast Mexico, it is one of the largest Mayan cities ever discovered and it has many examples of archaeoastronomy. Astronomy was a vital area of Mayan society and is commonly found in their architecture. At Chichen Itza there are two structures that clearly display the Mayans fascination with the heavens. El Castillo, “the castle”, is the central structure located at the center of the city. It looms at an impressive 79 feet, however it is famous for an event that occurs twice a year at the spring and fall equinoxes. At these times each year the setting sun creates a snaky shadow along the stairs. This shadow appears to have been a deliberate design as it makes its way down the pyramid connecting to the snake head at the bottom 

(each four sides has 91 steps 91x4 is 364 + 1 at the top and has 9 layers of female clouds known as K’ǫs bi’aadii of K’ǫs Diné’e, Hoghąn is an Observatory as traditionally built - NSI2017)

The engineering required to produce such an effect is astounding. Not only does this structure predict the equinoxes and the solstices, but the engineers also designed it so the sun would create a snake shadow during the equinox, that is an incredible architectural feat![6] The other building that displays archaeoastronomy is “El Caracol” also known as “the observatory”. This structure tracks the movements of the planet Venus, which is actually a difficult planet to track due to its appearance in the morning, then it disappears and reappears in the evening. These movements were so deceptive that even the Greeks believed they were two different celestial bodies. The Mayans were not deceived by the movements and designed El Caracol to track its movements.[7] Both of these buildings display the Mayans incredible astronomical abilities, and are some of the most impressive examples of archaeoastronomy."

Navajo male hoghąn is a pyramid its a man in sitting position either cross legged or legs folded under like other pyramid, the cosmos is related to Chichen Itza with single feather, pleaidas on the face, hoghąn is always was open to the east as a calendars, observatory, time keepers usuages,

See Ye’iih holding paraphenalia objects in both hands and you can find those as a petroglyphs, and Thank you folks, enjoy good cold day,

Niłch’i Diné’e bihoghąn @ Chichen Itza

Tł’eeji Ye’iih tsiits’in nat’aashji hataałi akoh nidi t’aadooh ła’ yiiłts’ą́ą́da, what is most dynamics here Ye’iih Jį́honaa’éi dóó Tł’éhonaa’éi bináá’ doo haadi shįįh Easter Island hoołyeedi bináá’ akodaat’e aadooh South America dido’ kints’iił bitagooh t’ooh ahayoogoh nidadees tąądi ye’iih nidahalin

Blue and Red on top of pyramid is a duality of one person and see Red/Blue Ye'iih in the middle / interesting

Tenochtitlan this word about the 'city' can easily say its Diné bizaad at'e / Teno being a Deno/Dine or Dene, and "Ch" can and is associates with wind, breezes, energy, so in this respect its a city of "Niłch'i Diné'e and there are many kinds of Niłch'i Diné'e includes Bilaghaanaah, Deno éi Dene or later Diné nahodlǫǫniih daos ye’? Teo yę́ę́’ éi t’ooh Dene siłįį’ sha’shin?

Its even more interesting in organization of socio-governances entity say DINÉ WAY, the color is on the right as RED and BLUE on the left and this colors applies to a hoghąn and further applies to Nachid the men of life iiná on the right and Defense - men of war on left 'WAR' or Naayee' at'e dootł'izhgii, Jįhonaa’éi dó’ Naayee’at’e dootł’izhii ashkii,

In the beginning cloud rose from all four directions and met at the center of the sky, and there was life first man and first woman came into being, they came into being from the mist, fog like called 'ąąsh diłhił and this ąąshdiłhił moved everything sometimes we blow smoke on jisjh / medicine bundles while moving or give a vibration, amazing Navajos

  • Fast Round Dance4:04
  • Navajo Love Song3:00
  • Circle Dance Songs1:48
  • Round Dance Song1:08

Tacheeh is the origin of all HATAAŁ is a known knowledge the Trinity is known to the Diyįn Diné’e and the knowledge includes chanting and poetic prayer called Sodizin a way of knowing is a Navajo Philosophy

Hataal is a TRINITY so Hataa' is opening on top of your head is 3 táá’, my Creator from above SHITAA’, Shitaa’dęę’ and the pyramid on the Ye'iih's head mask is Hataa' / Taał is like zig zag frequency, ULVA or hazahat’agii aní vibrates and makes sound so the TRINITY sing that makes Hataali sing, your Creator is singing through the top of your skull and Hataałi is the Creator and ceremonial knowledge Carriers; 

From above is Three Elements that makes Trinity that created human, three on each side of the body therefore male female side  and it adds up to SIX and a representative of HUMAN; The zig zag across the crown has FIVE corners so 3 + 3 triangles equal 6 is 12 is ceremonial way even numbers, and Nightway Tł'eeji Hataał has the COSMOS SONGS

Once the EARTH meets the COSMIC DARKNESS and mated is the conception of Asdzani Nadleeh known as Changing woman She Creator DNA came from the CENTER of COSMOS to the EARTH so she was born as a MAN a Y chromosomes that is NADLEEH its both X&Y DNA so we all came from Asdzani Nadleeh a Rainbow origin

Each of the main individual three poles represent Air, Water and Fire each SINGS that’s the Tacheeh TRINITY WAY CEREMONY Hataal is like known an exact sciences