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Originally the Hoghąn biką’iih the pyramid shape hoghąn being build in the photos on left  is a proto Male hoghąn it is the Tácheeh from the beginning just gotten bigger as Earth human grows, and duality of life emerged out of the oneness the male human into male and female system as  the way of the nature,

The results is that the Navajos have evolve the  Male and Female hoghąn

Male hoghan is built on the northeast side of the main dwellings area for ceremonial and/or for learning prototype knowledge and also for healing purposes and there is a purposes why built on the northeast side?  Because its the origin Hajiinai, First death and other physical illness and other illness comes back around, going in a circle the diseases so its built tp protect the evil origin direction but you return to NorthEast when you complete your journey on Earth

American Imperial History

General W.T. ShermanWhereas a Treaty was made and concluded at Fort Sumner, in the Territory of New Mexico, on the first day of June, in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and sixty-eight, by and between Lieutenant General W.T. Sherman and Samuel F. Tappan, Commissioners, on the part of the United States, and Barboncito, Armijo, and other Chiefs and Headmen of the Navajo tribes of Indians, on the part of said Indians, and duly authorized thereto by them, which Treaty is in the words and figures following, to wit:

Articles of a Treaty and Agreement made and entered into at Fort Sumner, New Mexico, on the first day of June, 1868, by and between the United States, represented by its Commissioners, Lieutenant General W.T. Sherman and Colonel Samuel F. Tappan, of the one part, and the Navajo Nation or tribes of Indians, represented by their Chiefs and Headmen, duly authorized and empowered to act for the whole people of said nation or tribe, (the names of said Chiefs and Headmen being hereto subscribed,) of the other part, witness: 1868

Bit’ąąniih éi the 5th clan of the original they are usually the 1\32 blood quantum generation, the Bit’ąąniih they go out the door and there is Mą’ii (Coyotl Tóbiyáázh) by the doorway and greeted the 1\32 blood as Shiłnaa’aash

The effigy pottery is of reddish and dark brownish colors there is life blood in the darkness of male cloud the reddish is the life sperms from darkness, life emerges out of the darkness, the opening at the top of the pottery is where water, air and fire comes from Creator 

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Hogąn bi’aadii éi its on the left a semi-oval dome and hoghąn biką’ii éi nishtł’aji goh si’ąh éi ałch’į’ ideas ah at’e aloha t’aa’ ałah k’ǫs nahalin so the hoghąns look like a layers of clouds with chimney a stove pipe is where the air, fire and water comes back down and it rises from the center of the hoghąn the fire place where air, water and fire is the center - see ancient pottery effigy

Nahidizidi ha'at'iih ada ayiiziid t'aah danei t'įįh bik'e, the Months each time it brings something both bring it down and spread