I am introducing the Diné and theRecuary of the ałk’idąą’ ancient South America a pre-ceramic cotton culture Nidik’ą’ cotton used as water bag is Nidik’ą’ doo łeeł when put down

I am a member of the Tsé nahabiłniih clan and I am born for Haak'ǫs, ​Haak'ǫs ei Kinyisąąniih oołye Tsoodził shadi'aaji goh keedahat' also an ancient Cloud peopleį

An anciently old clans that out blood relatives were pre ceramic cotton culture

The sand painted and ancient pre-ceramic cotton culture Recuay of the Andes is a healing image in connecting with ancestors and instill information

As Petroglyphs on the canyon walls

Ancient Sumerian, pre-ceramic cotton culture Recuay of South America, middle images and Navajo contemporary sand painting of the Windway ceremony and america's southwest petroglyphs is intriguing

​Ancient Pre-ceramic Recuay culture of South America are similar to the Navajo culture today as of yesteryear with Recuay people, the ancient images of Recuay and Navajo contemporary ceremonial and non ceremonial images are alike despite the authorities of academia and are very distinct as with the Navajos >>

"Recuay, pre-Columbian culture and site near present-day Recuay in the Callejón de Huaylas Valley of the northern highlands of Peru.
Recuay culture dates to the Early Intermediate Period (c. 200 bc–ad 600) and was contemporaneous with the Moche culture of the neighbouring northern coast. Recuay is best known for its distinctive pottery, which features a type of decoration in three colours and a style of modeling in which small figures of men, jaguars, llamas, and other animals are affixed to the vessel. Recuay stone carving is related to that of the Pucará and Tiwanaku cultures."

windway, ceremonies, culture

Ancient Recuary and Navajo / Chirachura Windway ceremonies of today and of ancient days are still alive and in contemporary being practices by the Diné the Diné biniłch’iji doo Chíshí biniłch’iji hataałi

Below is a contemporary Navajo sand painted and Recuary of South America's pottery vase with communication ears or cleft  both has cactus people design on it

Niłch’iji Hataałi Navajo Rainbow sand painted

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