Haadishįįh shadi’aah biyaadi "Jį́honaa’éi doo Tł’ehonaa’éi beehoghąn’ jini, Jį́honaa’ei ei Diné goh be’ełyaah jini, naana Tł’ehonaa’éi ei Asdzani goh be’ełyaah jini, akoh shįįh t’aa ałah sike Asdzani doo hastiin, Jį́honaa’ei shitaa’ doo Yoołgai asdzaah shima,

Diyin dehookah is Teotihuacan, the leaders maybe the "Kings" according to European scholastic thought, Teo is Diyin and We are Diyin Dine'e, see the MOON and SUN eyes holy ceremonial Deities folks, and here is a human pyramid of the Moon Yoołgai asdzaah later known as ’Asdzání naadleeh and the Dootł'izhii ashkii the Sun GOD we are Sons of the Sun, and further includes the colors of half red Ye’iih is the moon, blue is the Sun, here is the Holy people moving up the stairs, ladders, what's your problems?

Language - Danaas kąh, dehoniką, "layers of pyramid? upward"


Diyín dehookah di ła’ Tł’éhonaa’ei beehadiłyaah jini, naanała’ ei Jį́honaa’éi beehadiłyaah jini, aokh t’a’aniih Diné bahane’ hołǫ́ǫ́łah iłį́į́łeh

Know this for long time

In designing Teotihuacan (pronounced tay-oh-tee-wah-KAHN), the city’s architects had arranged the major monuments on a north-south axis, with the so-called “Avenue of the Dead” linking the largest structure, the Temple of the Sun, with the Ciudadela, the southeasterly courtyard that housed the Temple of the Plumed Serpent.

According to Clemency Coggins, a professor emerita of archaeology and art history at Boston University, the ancient city was designed as a physical manifestation of its founders’ creation myth. Not only was Teotihuacán laid out in a measured rectangular grid, but the pattern was oriented to the movement of the sun, which was born there, Coggins pointed out.

Navajos in Northern Hemisphere

Teo is Deo or Diyįn, Deity is Diyįn and Teo, Teo is God, Diyįn is God, D blood of the 4th world were/are Deities known as Naayee’ ałyaah, this is where you can learn the numbers 13, 26, 52 and 104, and when you the add number of Tsin dil used is 40 and add this 104 it becomes 144, remember TSIN DIL is something from up above the cosmos and the earth harmonic relationship, a relationship becomes even more interesting when Fibonacci numbers series superimposed,

Diyin Dine'e were moving up the steps / layers to become God at the apex? known to some in the west as "Where MEN becomes God", Triangle are all da Heets'oos toward to the tip apex ji' its a layers of cloud tapered upward toward the Creator Yadilhil  Sun is the son of Yadilhil, Son of God, Son of the Sun >>> Incas with binaa' dootl'izh gii ei naayee' at'e, ana'i at'e,

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