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Black and white photo collections of the indigenous of the post modern world by the immigrants to Northern Hemisphere

Golden Ratio

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Diné are Male

Y this Y chromosomes migrations the studies of ancestry mtdna is interesting, should interesting because of the name DINÉ the question to this name how did the name originated in the context of known existence on Earth so here is the best possible "a species movements in horizontal motion subject to die may not be the appropriate definition and BIKEYAH the footprints morph ’bikee’ path of ancient footprints of ancestor’ on Earth since the origin that we been on Earth "footprint feet from the beginning", "My footprints behind me" how long ago in human history timeline?, and its "Shikee’dęę’ yaagoh" doo "Shikee’ dęę," my footprints from the past are some concepts to know, the story of great migrations due to involuntary or voluntary displacement this gave geographical names like ’shikeyah’ meaning my footprints, and returning to Americas always a name as such "Dinetah" Americas meaning "among the men" or the Men’s mixed place", "tah" is among, with it, and also the origin it say in the beginning Ałtse hastiin hasłįį’ "the first man" the first or Y chromosomes came first then ’Asdzáni’ woman - female, the point here is Y migrations out of and back iinto Americas see South America and Y migrations, and the Y present in the greater Southwest and the Ye’iis are MALE as evidences in Navajo society today, its on the canyon’s walls are male Ye’iis, the story of Ye’iih and the Tł’ééji hataałi ’Night way chant’ came or migrated into Southwest from the South America that Ye’ the Sons of Seed returned, ́ Dinetah is also a Southwestern America, Largo canyon,

Dinétah is where resources are at like water, wood, animals to eat, re-populated by men "ITS THE MEN’S WORLD"

The common story goes "Asdzáni nadleehé DINÉ anayiidlaah jiní" this is a common topics when  listen to a Navajo traditional history, Dii nihahane’ danił̨́, Diné ałtaas éi meaning mixed genes and there are about 770,000 genes in Americas according to ancestry projects

“The six Iztacan nations being still pressed upon by their neigbours the Oghuzians [Uigur Turks], Moguls [Mongols], &c. gradually retreated or sent colonies to Japan, and the islands of the Pacific ocean; having discovered America at the peninsula of Alasca [Alaska, a Chinese word], during their navigations, the bulk of the nation came over and spread from Alasca to Anahuac, establishing many states in the west of America, such as Tula [Toltec], Amaquemeca, Tehuajo [Tewa, Tiwa, Tawa], Nabajoa [Navajo], Teopantla, Huehue, and many others."


Diné <<< Navajos

Black and white old photos of the Navajo of the last one and half century taken by various western frontier photographers,  the photos bring out the riches of the  1800 and 1900 century culture of the Navajo prior to intense domination by the incoming immigrants and began initiation of forced  Europeanization

Golden Ration by Nassim Haramein

Ts’aa’ éi biihooł ts’aa’ go’ oołyé doo ałąąnooseeł, akoh shimá aní doo Bi’deedlaadii TS"AA" ayiilaaní doo bi’ deedlaadii éi Tsegha’dinidínįįh yeebighąn oołyé jiní akoh dii hane’ k’egoh wołyeh jiní naaná Hataałi k’ego’ ałdo’ Doobi’deedlaadii ayiilaani, akoh TS’AA’ éi hane’ t’aa’ ałtsoh dayookaał jiní

K’ǫ́s ya’ałnįį’ t’aah dį́į́dę́ę́’ hadahineesą jiní ei ałhidadiniih sąnigii éi ałąądineesą jiní akoh woyadęę’ yoołgai hanįįh są naana wódadęę’ éi yadiłhił ei bił ałhidinįįh są jiní t’aah ei K’ǫ́s diłhiłii doo łigai iiná beehasłį́į́’ jiní

The birth is 9 and becoming a five fingered human of the earth is ten so  ten has four layers pyramid and 9 has 3 layers