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“Significant genetic input from outside is not noticed in Meso and South American Amerindians according to the phylogenetic analyses; while all world populations (including Africans, Europeans, Asians, Australians, Polynesians, North American Na-Dene Indians and Eskimos) are genetically related. Meso and South American Amerindians tend to remain isolated in the Neighbor-Joining.”

Indian Treaty of 1868 That Says DAPL Is ILLEGAL Permits Natives To Take Up Arms and “Arrest” Any “Bad Men Among the Whites” Who Violate It     Read Treaty 1868

Hastł’ishniih ei t’aah Diné at’e biniinai gii ei biłįį’ Nashdóitsoh Niłch’i nihokaa’ yeenaagha doo Tó do’ yii’ naagha naana akoh kǫ’ do’ at’e so this original Clan Hashtł’ishniih had a domestic or identify with an animal being in the Ni’hodootł’ish period that is the 2nd Blue World in Navajo history chronology

Diné ałtaas

Bits’į’ łizhiniih doo bits’į’ dootł’izhii aadoo bits’iis łitsoh doo bits’iis łigai aad inda ałtaas éi Diné

In ancient Americas COLORED PEOPLE were present according to Navajo oral traditional knowledge, old Navajos even knows that Caucasian are related and we are the same people, this is sand painted of the Wóláchíí'ji hataałi

"Now that the subject has come up about suppressed information, if indeed that is what it is, there is a well researched book of 914 pages by Michael Cremo and Richard Thompson titled Forbidden Archeology, which can open anyone's' third eye to a history of mankind that has never been taught, except in those 'mystery schools' so well cloaked in myth, secrecy and ridicule. Some good information can be found by searching the archives of http://www.dailygrail.com and also http://www.mcremo.com."

Human lives on Air, Water and Fire so the original Navajo clans identify with the beings in this case the animals are iini’ Lightening Thunder, Shashtsoh is also water, air and fire, includes Snakes, Jaguar

The Astronomical Petroglyph Above Hidden Mountain

"At the rim of the mountain, is a petroglyph with identifiable constellations; Ursa Minor and Ursa Major, Draco, Virgo, etc. Unique aspects of the petroglyph are a solar eclipse between Virgo and Libra (see sketch) and a circles-dot near the constellation of Draco and Lyra. Dr. Louis Winkler, an astronomer analyzed the petroglyph and stated that the two concentric circles with a dot placed at the north ecliptic pole indicated a knowledge of precession.

Dr. Winkler also analyzed the solar eclipse and stated that the depiction of the solar eclipse from Hidden Mountain, New Mexico took place on Sept. 15, 107 BCE (Gregorian) and was at 5:03 PM Local Standard Time at an elevation of 13 degrees above the horizon. Dr. Winkler’s software (Albug) shows the eclipse in Virgo near Libra. Using the Julian calendar, the eclipse is dated to Sept. 18, 107 BCE which correlates remarkably to the Hebrew calendar date of Elul 28, 3654. Elul 28 is the Hebrew month and day preceding the sacred day of Tishri I and the first day of the seventh month (Leviticus 23:24) later observed as the New Year (Rosh Hashanah)." (See table of eclipse dates.)