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A B C D E F G H Human is number 8th in alphabet after G God 8 is always been a holy number Tsebi or Tseebiih, God created Man on the 7th day that mean his day, interesting is that when Navajo, Hopi, Pueblos are praying or singing we always starts with H sound Holy, Holaah, Hodiyįn, Hózhǫ́ǫ́jí, Tsenįį’ ni’itįįh ei its done on the 8th day of Tł’ééji hataałi

Ałtse eełzi’ and we know it as Tse’ eszi’, the meaning came from how it was first used, it was used against the Naayee’ (Monsters of the old days) so it was used as a weapon first, and in the beginning the wide Yucca sometimes alien knows as Baccata Bayonet (Knife for combat) or spanish bayonet, it formed on the left side of when first man came into being

First weapons to be thrown like a dart

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5th world Naayee’ are huan made Monsters

T’aah Diné




Tó ahani


Origin of Asdzani Nadlleeh is Hózhǫ́ǫ́jí at’e the ORIGIN of modern man from RAINBOW from Nadlleh, Nadleeh had both a penis and a virgina, according to the Navajo Asdzani nadlleeh first came as a MAN from the center of the cosmos to the center of the Earth known as Ch’oyeełįį’ or Ch’oołį́’į́ many refers to Gobernadorknob Mountain southeast of Navajo Dam

Ch’oyeełį́į́’ ei ch’e’etiin doo ch’łayi’ wodei oołyeh, the light coming in through the eastern door meet the air, fire and water at the center of four direction call it Ya’ałnįį’i and light and Trinity elements produces Rainbow that created Asdzani nadleeh

Ýádiłhił bitádídį́į́n niiłį́

I am the pollen of cosmos the crystal, this is interesting we the Diyįn Diné’e always carry pollen with us Shítáá’ doo dį́į́’ I am the Trinity, Tádídį́į́n is a creation in actions

We the DINÉ are Holy the people that WE just came into being from pure pollen energy of cosmic darkness in the First world called NI’HODIŁHIŁ, on becoming a human as we are today, this is amazing folks

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the influence or effect of pollen on a structure other than the embryo, as the seed or fruit. See more.