Bow and Arrows on both side of the body, zig zag lightening flashes from the tip of the fingers, traveling on Rainbow, accompany by animals as guidances, or domesticated, also moving on top of the Mountain, hardly any evidences in the valley area that Scientists to support the evidences, these people have FIVE feathers on the crown so they are humans, holding TRINITY images leaf in their hands probably Douglas spruce, or call it Ch'oh in Navajo

Returned from all FOUR direction includes the latest from the North as the ceremonial knowledge contains the life in the arctic, in the underground caves, travel by Rainbows, and more  Ha'neełneeheeji hane'

Some Clans returned to Americas from the North through the Mountain SEE sandpainting of Ha’neełneehee hataałi iikaah below, the sand painted has snow on top of the Mountain Dził, Dziił, Dził nanit’ah therefore Są’ahnaagai bik’ihozhǫ́ǫ́n with the Thunder Lightening people that already living there Nihosdząąn bikaad meaning on top of the Earth, they are also Shash Diné'e, couple sand painting below shows the snow with Thunders, Lightening, Clouds, and complete story in Ha’neełneehee hataałi, the ceremony contains knowledge of origin and development of the Dine from the 1st world to the present 5th world, major ceremony last 5 to 9 days

In traditional ceremonial knowledge the people of the 4th world displaced due to major flood pleistocene climate changes and a statement "Tóbaaz dees dee’ t’ooh ahoyooh Tó hooghąą’ jini, bidinaajį’ goh dzidees dee’ jini" the people went the opposite of the flood survived because they went north to higher level? Thank you Brent Clark

Below is a sand painted of the highest mountain that DINÉ returned to America by RAINBOW as transportation and a book is available titled ’Emergence way’ by? This sand painted is by Hastiin Nitł’ai known as Left Handed Man but he was handicapped in some ways that make it difficult to do certain things which makes it Hastiin nanitł’ai and collected by Newcomb around Newcomb, NM

The snow on the mountains have melted behind the Thunder lightening people coming back to Americas the coastal cordilleras Bering Straits

Family at K'eiłdeesbaa's parade in Crownpoint

All Major Navajo ceremonies have Bihozhǫ́ǫ́ji and also Bihochxǫ’iji throughout the life time existence on earth the things materials or not is called "Blessing way and something went wrong with the life along, Ha’neełneehee is a lasting sustainable existences since the Hajíinái (origin) 

DNA taken from the wisdom tooth of a European hunter-gatherer has given scientists an unprecedented glimpse of modern humans before the rise of farming. The Mesolithic man, who lived in Spain around 7,000 years ago, had an unusual mix of blue eyes, black or brown hair, and dark skin, according to analyses of his genetic make-up.

Tsoodził is Dootł’izhii Dziił

Around 13, 000 years ago the ice free corridor appearing and Clovis culture emerged the evidences of peopling the Americas according to western research knowldege,  it is interesting to compare Navajo traditional knowledge of major migrations returning to Americas from the North Nahookǫs dęę’ goh Hajíínái life emerges out of the darkness always, maybe the Twins were killing Monsters already but they came to americas to do away with Monsters? Because the Twins was conceived because of the Monsters on Earth that was the people’s problems,

The killing of the NAAYEE’ happened around Tsoodził now known as Mount Taylor named after General Zachery Taylor but to Navajos its Naayee’ dziił thats why its dootł’izhiih dziił and Ałtse Asdzaah had dootł’izhii for fire and she is Naayee’ so today we name female with Baa’ like Naasbaa’, Yik’inibaa’ and asdzani nadleeh lived their to fight Naayee’ because she is Naayee’ so Naayee’ vs Naayee’

Clovis and Navajo cultural stories of Naayee’ the mega Monsters are Ye’iitsoh the Giants that eat people, Shash tsoh Na’ałkaahii the Big Tracker Bear that tracks down human for food, Jádi nidziłteeł are herds of antelope deer that runs over people and eat them,  Nashdóitsoh big Jaguar, Deełgeed burrows the ground with its horn, Teehołtsodii, Atsah ninahwiiłeeh  a Big bird that also eat people that is some of the reasons why people couldn’t multiply in the 5th world a newly resettling of the Americas  and there are two more Monsters I’ll add when I remember and these Naayee’ Monsters has its maybe an unknown origin?

Naayee’ neisghąni coming to Americas to kill the problems of Naayee’ the Monsters, Monsters slayer with bow in left and arrows in right hand with Atsiniłtł’ish in the left hand and Haatsoołghał in the right hand, now only the mountain tops has snow but not much ice age retrieving, on the side is serrated with 5 beesh diłhił  blood dark metal

Below is a sand painted of an image about the ocean have melted because its all blue now while in other sand painted it still have white snow ice in it while coming to Americas, if the color is blue in the right hand means you are going or facing EAST so toward SOUTHWEST is an ideal by Y chromosomes rebirth after ice age for ages, snow have melted the mountains is bare brownish and ocean water is blue behind them as they move south southwest east - Amazing Navajos

Synchronous extinction of North America's Pleistocene mammals

"Chinese scholars say a link is worthwhile exploring because it’s possible to recognize Chinese influence and even characters in ancient geoglyphs, pottery, artifacts, carpets and garments of ancient American Mochica, Nazca, Paracas and Inca people, says an article in El Comercio".

Microstriations and wear shown are typical of tool use. The sharp crisp edges suggest it wasn't tumbled in the surf or carried by water. The wear on the tool suggests it was on dry land at some point and then buried by sea water, which means the tool was older than 14,000 years old. Credit: Dennis Stanford

"I think it's very convincing," said Michael B. Collins, an anthropologist at Texas State University in San Marcos, Texas, who was not involved in the current work. The weathering on both items — first with open air, then saltwater, then seawater exposure — would be almost impossible to get without them having been on land prior to rising sea levels, Collins explained.

While this discovery adds one more piece to a very large puzzle, the debate regarding the first inhabitants of the Americas is far from over. image from Ancient Origin

Below is a Bering Strait Researchers Path to Americas

DNA of The Doncela (The Maiden) Incan mummy found at Mount Llullaillaco, Argentina, in 1999, was used in the study.

Ha'neełneeheeji hatááłi ei haadęę' shįįh yiił dah, ałk'idąą' nihosdząąn bikaa' ninihi'deeł yah jini / we have came from a long way from the Hajiinái, the last time we returned to the Americas after migrating around the world the 5th time once again returned to Dinétah was from the west, this is a subject of westerner's theoretical controversy as of yestercentury and as of today 

Arrival of "Native" indigenous in Americas, always coming from somewhere else

Ice Age sand painted of the Ha'neełneeheeji Hataałi, the sand painted below suggest that people migrated on top of the Mountains, travel by Rainbow transportation?, Pleistocene

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