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Deer way

Diné’ are another that have sexual arousel properties is Deer antlers or Bįįh bidee’ is used for aphrodisiac


The Beauty way Navajo ceremonies is about human sexual relationship the history of two beautiful virign sisters young and older  are evading the old Shash Hastiin and Tł’iish Hastiin, old with no teeth, snorls alot and finally seduced the sisters, see Mayan history of sex

His story of the origin of the 'Nightway' began in the third world which was the yellow world. "iina yitsoii" meaning life has grown, expanded, and continuum; Each major world has three micro-world in it so 3 x 3 is 9 plus the cosmic house at the top - one of the highest form of cosmic reality ...,

The story of the Sun and the Moon pyramid creation and the relationship to the pyramids to the Americas, maybe to the world NAVAJO CEREMONIAL SYSTEM

Hoozhǫneeh hataałi ei nahast'ei tł'éé' hatááł łeh, the sandpainting below are YE'IIH DINÉ'E adaat'į, ła' ei Booshk'iish łi'chí'i at'į has a Trinity at the top of the head and also feathers with horizontal zig zag male lightening around the crown 

The mask on the right with half yellow is sometimes a moon (eye); in the beginning the blue and yellow clouds rose in the west, where cloud met is where the First Woman was formed, not created! Human was perfected in south America's Andes - and there are cloud symbols, story, origin related to the place ..., count the zig zag corners on the dark crowns of the masks

Sex marches on

As Western civilization got a firmer footing, however, the Renaissance reversed course on sexual restrictions. Renaissance artwork and sculpture resulted in an orgy of human nakedness best seen in the Sistine Chapel (of all places) that would never have been allowed during the medieval age.

Following Martin Luther's Protestant revolution, and Henry VIII's battle against the old teachings on marriage and divorce, the Enlightenment later ushered in a more adult look at sex in all its variations, most titillatingly seen in the novels of the Marquis de Sade.

[Victorian age]
We are not amused.

 While it was apparent that the old repressive days in regard to sex had come and gone, the 19th century Victorian age surprisingly ushered in an another about-face.

In an era that can best be described as confused, the new age of psychiatry and science had suddenly become the ultimate authorities. The result was some pretty strange ideas about sex during the Victorian era that regarded masturbation, homosexuality, sex outside marriage, or any other "deviant" behavior not so much as a sin as a mental illness.

Today, the Victorian age is looked upon with dread not only for its proper and repressive rules of societal etiquette, but for the apparent hypocrisy of a society that saw love-starved housewives dissolve into "hysteria", while an explosion of brothels resulted in the high levels of venereal disease among the male population.

Hoozhǫneeh Hataałi

Hoozhǫneeh ei Tł’iish Diné’e doo Asdzani yabił eedahozin nigii bedahataałi jini, Asdzani naaghaagi biłeedahozin Tł’iish Diné’e, Diné bihataałi at’e

Hoozhǫneeh sometimes known as ’Beauty way’ among western Scholars, its about beauty of women and sex, this history is known as the younger sister journey trying to get away from  the sexy old aged Snake man

He used his magic Tobacco to seduced her at the Dził k’iji hataałi goh atį akoh t’ao bahane’

According Alfred Yazzie, a contemporary Master in the 9 nights 'Nightway' ceremony and other minor ceremony.

The pyramid has nine steps with entrance at the top is the 10th, there is a song about the highest form of cosmic song on the fourth day in the morning and evening. And on the outside on the nineth evening, the Ye'ii' sing their highest form of cosmic tune. (see Grahpic Ye''i 2 video tag) On the 10th morning, the 'Nightway' ceremony is over.

The duality of the human biophysics and ancient Navajo sciences. The yellow is also a female representation. There are several major ceremony that can be a major part in the 'Nightway' knowledge Institute. See also the eyes of the Sun and Moon in the sandpainting...,