Tó ahani is Tooh aháni the Ocean is nearby, Tó aháni are Caucasian Biłaghąąnaah at’e ei binii’naah Tł’iish biłįį’ ba’ałyaah jin

Nahuatl ei Nahotł’aadi or Ni’bitł’aadi and Naho’dlaad the word  may mean the land (Ni’) went under the Earth’s surface,  and it is also may mean Cracking of ice during ice age melting?

Published on May 29, 2016
Civilization Of Central America Mysteries | Toltec Civilization | Pyramids Teotihuacán (Documentary) .

The early history of Teotihuacan is quite mysterious, and the origin of its founders is uncertain. For many years, archaeologists believed it was built by the Toltec.

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