In dictating his memoirs, Carson, who was illiterate, left out more than he told. He offered not a word about his two Indian wives: Waa-Nibe, also known as Singing Grass, an Arapaho woman who died around 1839, after the birth of their second daughter; and Making Out Road, a Cheyenne girl, who decided he didn’t suit her. Nor did he mention the three children he’d already had with Josefa (they would eventually have five more). Still, his tale must have taken a while to tell. When he was finished, he gave the manuscript to a Taos businessman and ersatz literary agent named Jesse B. Turley. Turley wanted to find someone to write a biography of Carson, based on the memoirs. He thought about tackling it himself, but he soon thought better of it, and instead offered the job to Washington Irving, who declined. Finally, Turley signed an agreement with DeWitt Clinton Peters, a U.S. Army surgeon who knew Carson well. Carson had “dictated the facts”; it remained only for Peters to write the book. Peters, Turley, and Carson would divide the profits. In 1858, a New York publisher brought out Peters’s “The Life and Adventures of Kit Carson . . . from Facts Narrated by Himself.” Peters boasted that he had written “a book of solid truth.”

Navajo Nation government is governing directly and indirectly governing by extension of Federalists concept of government  with three branches of government and built in with Federal laws extended to exercises with authority through Department of Interior, Bureau of Indian Affairs, theorem democractic system with terms and requirements offices, and early 1920’s  concept  of re-inventing to make Navajo a farm based  society again turned into a local democractic governing  procedures, process and functions of government, assuming that centralized Navajo governance is at Window Rock, Diné éi Diné Bikeyah at’e

Navajo Nation 1920 - 2017
Federal government requirement Tribal Chairman and Vice-President as NGO that Navajo Nation is consider Non governmental entity by the United States Federalists

Chairman Term of Office 4 years
DODGE,Chee 1923-1928
NONE No Vice President
CHISCHILLIGE,Deshna 1928-1932
YAZZIE, Maxwell
DODGE, Thomas 1932-1936
KANUHO, Marcus
TALIMAN, Henry, Sr. 1937-1938
MORGAN, Jacob, C. 1938-1942
GORMAN, Howard
DODGE, Chee 1942-1946
AHKEAH, Sam 1946-1950
TSO, Zealy **
AHKEAH, Sam 1951-1954
CLAW, John (1951-1952)
MALONEY, Adolph (1952-1954)
JONES, Paul 1955-1963
NAKAI, Raymond 1963-1970
DAMON, Nelson
MCDONALD, Peter 1971-1979
SKEET, Wilson
MCDONALD, Peter 1979-1982
PAUL, Frank E.
ZAH, Peterson 1983-1987
BEGAY, Edward T.
MCDONALD, Peter 1987-1989
HASKIE, Leonard 1989-1991
BILLY, Irvin
ZAH, Peterson 1991-1995
PLUMMER, Marshall
HALE, Albert 1995-1999
ATCITTY, Thomas 1998-1998
BLUEHOUSE, Milton 1998-1999
WILLETO, Frank Chee
BEGAY, Kelsey 1999-2003
SHIRLEY, Joe 2003-2007
SHIRLEY, Joe 2007-2011
SHELLY, Bennie
** Zealy Tso was elected to serve the unexpired term of Chee Dodge who died before taking office.

"American history continues Gold Mine Spills necessity elements contaminated, Navajos can’t contract out a parcel of NAPI lot(s) to seasonal farming, raise pigs haha for who?, micro-sanctions to retaliate if outsiders does get what they want (see Macdonald’s case), Land fractionated!, weather war,"In April, 1863, Brigadier General Henry H. Carleton ordered Colonel Kit Carson to round up the Navajo Indian Tribe and intern them at a reservation in the Bosque Redondo.[1] This was Carson’s first major independent command. Since the Navajo would not go willingly, the army’s strategy, developed by Colonel Edward Canby, was to destroy the tribe’s economy by seizing or killing their sheep and horses, and confiscating or destroying their crops. Carleton allocated Carson some 736 men of the First New Mexico Volunteer Regiment, organized into six mounted companies and three of infantry. Carleton ordered Carson to “prosecute a vigorous war upon the men of this tribe until it is considered at these Head Quarters (sic) that they have been effectually punished for their long continued atrocities.”

NNWO Legislative Alert

Contact: Jared King
Communications Director
Navajo Nation Washington Office

The group of Navajos who reported for basic training at the San Diego Marine Corps Recruit Depot had never experienced any sort of military discipline, and several found it difficult to cope with their new lifestyle. Although now officially designated the 382nd Platoon, U.S. Marine Corps, at boot camp, the group was referred to as ‘The Navajo School.’
The Navajo Nation government from 1920’s through 2017 on


FIMO is an entity within and of the U.S. Department of the Interior a Department with DOI a multi bureau-partnership created to assist allottees with oil and gas activities. Located in Farmington, NM to assists allottees from the Navajo reservation. The Navajo Reservation land base extends into the states of Utah, Arizona and New Mexico. FIMO Director is a Bureau of Indian Affairs employee appointed in August 2014.

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