Glittering world is a mixture of white & red equals pink Rainbow and the origin of modern 5 fingered human from asdzani nadleeh

Nihodisǫs is a mixture of the previous Fourth Ni’hałgai world population, first there was a disputes between the First man and First woman about the misleading the man not lying because of this disputes the men and women separated, the men went on the South side of the river and women remained on the North side with the foxes

During the separation of the sexes the men went hunting when they kill a Deer they take the liver out slice it and have intercourse with it and thats how Jadí nodzi’teeł were born, this half Deer half man tarted ate the normal human and there were also many Antelope that runs in tight herd runs over people to kill and eat the humans, these men that had intercourse with animals, cactus, and other objects or beings gave birth to Naayee’, lightening begin to strikes these men

The women also had intercourse with objects like cactus, oblong pebbles this oblong pebbles conception born a "Rolling Stones" these rolling stones begin rolling and rolls over people in Navajo it is known as Tsenaaghai a walking rolling rock

Cactus was born as Hwosh datsahii Chirachura cactus the baby was born throwns all over the body and became hwosh naaghai a walking cactus, the same women became Bijoozh yee’adiłnįįhii a snapping vagina, there was also a Kills with Eyes known as Binaałyeełaghąąniih

This separation of the men and women results in genetic mixing with animals, plants, rocks and with other unusual objects practiced both by men and women during the separation for Four years, this happened during the Ni’hałgai the time of holy spiritual development of human the DĮ́Į́’ number 4, during this period the women ruled (sometimes an artifacts obtained by Scientists are amazing they look like Navajo ceremonial iages and the Navajo women holds the Danidiiłyeeh the Blessing way bundle for the sustainability and renewable call Nanise’ nanise’ becomes nanise’ ałtaas éi and this ałtaas éi is the 5th Glittering world called Ni’hodisǫs

On the left is a 4th and 5th world sand painted, collected by Newcomb from Son of Left handed man, he was a Master in several different major ceremonies includes Na’at’oyeeh biką’ji doo bi’aaji, Tłééji, Niłchłiji, and plus many minor hataałi ceremonies. Sodizin prayers and sin songs

Ni’disǫs the 4th World is the world of Bit’ąąniih the many leaves family tree with one root are known as one sixteenth blood quantum or the 5th generation from the main root and are not blood related to the previous 4 generation

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