Nihosdząąn ni’biyi’nahwiis dzao oołyé jini, Earth surface with caves and cavities, naanahodo’ hwiinahwiis dząh, hwii’nahasti’i akoh nahizdidziih, Earth is a human with veins, cavities, vibrates, talks, gives life to all

Ni’asdząni ei Ni’ ei ni’oołye bikaa’ nei dahigii keyah ei nihini’ at’e, shąą’ ajinįįłeh Akǫǫh shini’ jiniiłeh ei gi’ it’eo shįį oołyeh

Ni’ bikaa’ nei dahigii asdzą́ni at’e joh nanise’ bikaa’ haahoojah, ni’ ei ni’iiłchiih asdząni nahalingoh, woda dęę’ yani’iiłchiih jiní

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"Yet tales of the Flood spring from many sources. Myriad ancient cultures have their own legends of watery cataclysm and salvation. According to Vedic lore, a fish tells the mythic Indian king Manu of a flood that will wipe out humanity; Manu then builds a ship to withstand the epic rains and is later led to a mountaintop by the same fish. An Aztec story sees a devout couple hide in the hollow of a vast tree with two ears of corn as divine storms drown the wicked of the land. Creation myths from Egypt to Scandinavia involve tidal floods of all sorts of substances — including the blood of deities — purging and remaking the earth." Flood

Hastiin doo Asdzaah Ashįįhi

They were of the Ni’hodiłhił the first Blood dark world where life emerged out of the darkness 9


Clan is a smallest unit of DNA, Ashįįhí ei ashįįih hoołyeedęę’ ashįi hatanidei diłji’ nit’ee’ jini t’aa éi Shįįnįįh wołyeh ’Zuni’ Zonįįh Zįįnįįh ’Ashįįnįįh’ wołyéh


If you ask a visitor(s) where they are coming from and the answer is Ashįįdęę’ so people from Salt area places are Ashįįnįįh too, Niih is maybe interpreted as "Saying"