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"This carving in stone shows one of the early examples, not the earliest by any means, but one of the early examples of numeration, and it isn’t Maya. It actually comes from the Zapotecan highlands of Oaxaca, far from Mayaland, and clearly the Maya must have imported this, as I believe all of the cultures of Mesoamerica imported it. There was a single system of Mesoamerican mathematics with all of the properties, the general properties, I am describing. But it seems to have been the Maya who developed this to a high art, that is, to great extremes, so we should be clear about that." AAveni


Hashtł’ishniiOriginal  Mud Clan of the post ice age, living on the the thawing Northern Hemisphere continent, living on land between two ocean Pacific and Atlantic

TótsohnííBig Water Clan lives along the Tó niteeł (Toltecs?), people living on the coast of big water
Deeshchíí’nii Start of the Red Streak People Clan
Hooghan łání Many Hogans Clan
Dzaanééz łání Many Mules Clan are ability to obtain and accumulate wealth for a purposes, mules are strong works hard so economic returns is great
Kinłichíí’niiRed House Clan
Tsé deeshgizhnííRock Gap Clan
Tł’izí lání Many Goats
Tł’ááshchí’i The Red Bottom People Clan
Lók’aa’ dine’é Reed People Clan
Bit’ahniiWithin His Cover Clan