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Diłyehé and Ghąąjį’ ei in the Fall aak’eed hasłįį’ oołyeh akoh Diłýéhé haadooh ha’a’aadęę’, Tooji Ye’iih yi’aash doołeeł jini ha’nįįdooh, doo da’nees t’ąądooh  Ghąąjį’ is September 21 or 22 each year but the New Moon near equinox is the beginning the month of Ghąąjį’

The mouth is the Full Moon that it talk called Haashch’eeyałti’ the oxygen air making sound and is connected to Diyįn the Changing woman known as Shitáá’ doo dį́į́’


Hodeeyadi Ni'hodiłhił hoołye jiní 

'...in the beginning the surface of the plane space was blood darkness' is known as Ni'hodiłhił it means it has six sided cubic square like called Kin a house, this is the surface of the Earth known as Ni’ and it’s a female, ho is an open space, dił is a flexible or  blood strings like, it is vibrating or a blood dark frequency in space then in time it becomes life emerges out of the blood darkness that comes into being from the center of four cardinal directions SEE sand paint on left

Below is a sand painted from Niłch'iji Hátááłi go' iikaah at'e, of the Navajo and Chirachura Windway ceremony, this is one of the many ways of expressing the Ni'hodiłhił the origin or the beginning it is said 'it was blood darkness', Diné <>

Calendar, fall and spring equinox, seasons, autumn, spetember, harvest

                                        We are Gods of the Americas

There are no others before us when world wide scientific artifactual images are similar to  contemporary Navajo ceremonial Ye’iih masks with Moon and Sun eyes,

The colors red/yellow is ancient Cave painting combo colors, enlightening to think whether the color language say the human extinction was caused by diseases maybe some ages ago bad time, during the time of South America life,

Rock art in Navajo does yellow behind the red images say the rebirth / nei tsooh?, there are Navajo Ye’iih masks of the Nightway with ancient queue

Tsiiyeel in red color and black hair, artifact from Tiwanaku a mask with queue in red and yellow was found ages ago by Archaeologists, its amazing color language