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Group of clans

1.  Kinłichíí’niih

are the Red house people of the south beyond Tsoodził that these folks were historically known to the Diné that the Kinłichii’niih are from the South

2.  Tsenahabiłniih

are the folks that was given a Smoke ceremony by Big Horn called dįįnałyeh from beneath the rock or canyon Tsebii’dęę’ dįįnałyeh Tsetadibé hei niláh jini

3.  Tł’izi láni

was adopted by Tsinaajiniih sometimes after spanish contact

4.  Tsinaajiniih

dark streak row like area with juniper from the basin of the mountain, bluff, big hills are tsin is wood jin dark streaked, niih is "I am from this described area niih is saying"

5.  Deeshchii’niih

there are red streaked area of land at the Mountain basin, flat reddish streaked area are Deeshchii’nii

6   Tł’ááshchi’i

are not sure maybe they traded something of like tł’ah acream, red out with red ocher, they could a sky cloud people in the reddish white gray cloud

7.  Shash Diné’e Naashash

(adopted) from up north and some of these Shash diné’e were left behind after Mountain way ceremony was over and some went north

8.  T’iis ch’ebáániih(Adopted)

Tóbájíshchį́ní is also known as Hastoi tsiiyeeł and the tsiiyeeł is imprinted carved on Aghaał durning the summer Nidaa’ a living straight juniper stick is required ’Są’ahnaaghai or Junipers trees live like 500 years old, antiseptic or hardly rot, last a long time, durable, good fire wood and to built Tácheeh no sap when heated hot and good firewood to fry mutton

The red mask with black hair above is another form of Nightway ceremonial mask with Tóbájíshch̨́ni with 32 or 34 or 36 white tsiiyeeł (fibonacci) good

K’ǫs Asdzani

Tóbájishchį́ní is the younger Twins who is "Born for water" Tó bájish chį́ jini, the water dripped in the center of the hoghąn is where the conception of "Born for Water" or "Fathered by water" took place

He is known as Neidogish the butcher who cuts Naayee’ Monsters apart after older brother kills then, and he is known as Command Post watching his brother in action at all time, and Tsooi nadleeh usually in the west association and also common songs in Tácheeh by some not all

Below is a mask of Tóbájishchį́ni repatriated from Paris by Navajo Nation but not sure about that, it has triangle face that is inverted cloud

Vine Delori Jr."a points to the religious hunger in America and sees interest in the occult as a manifestation of the search for a more refreshing and meaningful spirituality. The red man, he says, offers people a religion of community, reverence for the earth, continuity between death and life, a rich treasurehouse of myth and ritual, and a way of understanding the spirit of life on all continents. This edition of God Is Red includes new forewords by Leslie Marmon Silko and George E. Tinker."