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                  TACHEEH = TRINITY  

            We are GODS of the Americas

The proper building of the Tachee, the North / South Tacheeh poles is the  alignment with North Star Polaris and the center of the Tacheeh doorway facing EAST is now perpendicular to SOUTH / NORTH line and on equinoxes the Sunlight as you see it appear down the center of doorway this is called Ghąąjį' and also see the basic Trinity in other post on Tacheeh.

Sunrise light goes thru the center of two door pole. This three the major poles and add o+1 = 1, 1+1 = 2, 1+2 =3, 2+3 =5, 3 plus 5 equal EIGHT and EIGHT become a holy sweatlodge. Rebuilding a proto type Navajo SWEATLODGE >> Tacheeh soon.., Good day folks.

In the beginning the Cosmos was small in pyramid form like Tacheeh and the planning begin from the inside and the Tacheeh became bigger. Raw > so you go in NAKED as the beginning in the experiences of colors of red, white, black, and fire, water, air as a form of songs, as a form, a knowledge of origin and creation

Interesting / the name is a word "Jesus" only lived pass 30's / in the case of the we (Dine) May view it as Niłch'i, Ats'os (feather), Energy, if I focus on in this way I may need to re-spell Jesus as Heets'oos, Nihe'rts'os heets'oos, at the apex of Tacheeh where 3 poles unify as ONE or male hoghan or a Tipi so more to it / "Jesus is made in Americas"

Tácheeh in the beginning was a solid pyramid made of Beesh diłhił (solid dark steel or iron, and inside was fire and this fire produced life, a warm air we breathe, and this air, fire and water (sweat) is trinity of life today, we have fire in our heart, 2\3 water and air, they are a states of matter one and the same things