A cycle of life the Navajo way is one of the basic symbol of teaching the fundamental laws of human, the fundamental aesthetic philosophy intrigues me and epistemological knowledge some of the nature of Navajo philosophy

The Fibonacci number patterns encountered herein occur so frequently in nature that we often hear the phenomenon referred to as a "law of nature". Not all four-petalled flowers are so rare as the four-leaf clover is reputed to be and deviations, sometimes even large ones, from Fibonacci patterns have been found. If this is at all disturbing to the modern botanist, it is not at all so to the Fibonacci devotee, for whom the whole phenomenon, if not a "law", is at least a fascinating prevalent tendency!

13 is a relevant concepts number that it's Bow and Arrow / Hunters and Gathers basic iina numbers

The Harder Fibonacci Puzzles page
still has problems where the Fibonacci numbers are the answers - well, all but ONE, but WHICH one? If you know the Fibonacci Jigsaw puzzle where rearranging the 4 wedge-shaped pieces makes an additional square appear, did you know the same puzzle can be rearranged to make a different shape where a square now disappears?
For these puzzles, I do not know of any simple explanations of why the Fibonacci numbers occur - and that's the real puzzle - can you supply a simple reason why??


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