Hastoi Tsiiyee[ on the staff in the summer Nidaa'

Dine Bikeyah Sumerian have Tsiiyee[ and so ancient as well attributed to origin of civilizations lol, Good morning Trucker

Amazing to be interest in the image, to be Din4 Americas here is another local the Mimbres with ancient Tsiiyee[ as well of the contemporary time, having tsiiyee[ is not only pride in heritages but your the history of the world

Black on White in Dine way the left side of the body is male the side that whole the bow, Mimbre's image the round face is duality of male/female with square triangle eyes and mouth

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Tsii’ is a hair and shitsii’ is my hair and this is where the word shitsi’ my daughter ’hair’ originated or shitsiłí my brother tsiiyeeł is K’ǫs diłhiłii (dark cloud and male rain) If address by Mother its shich’e’e or shits’ee’ shits’e’e my umbiblical origin something like that, Niłtsą zhiin éi shitsii’ wódadęę’ yadiłhił shitaa’ iiná shii’yis lah diyįn goh, ninitsekees at’e ditłee’, nitsiiyeeł éi hane’ bee’ ałch’į’ be’estł’ǫh, hadąą’ shįįh nichooni’yęęh t’adii kǫǫh, its your DNA a gene from the ancient carried on by matrilineal ways because women are Earth so her children stays with so is the Navajo matrilineal land based socio-cultural institutional system since Hajiinái

Tsiiyeeł éi hayeeł oołyeh, hatsii’ biyeeł ninitskees doo iiná at’e ei dayooyeeł jiní, akoh nitsii’ baa’ ahołyą̨ t’aadooh hei da nitsii’ yidiłnihí