Asdzą́ni nadleeh is a duality, the duality of a man was born from duality of the surface of the Ni’hosdząąn Earth and Yadiłhił Cosmic blood darkness, the female part of human duality became the "Ni’hokaa’ Diné’e" from the center of the Earth’s four cardinal directions Ya’ałnii’ddoh, biką́’ dóó bi’áád éi beeh ałtaas éi hoł̨́

Asdząni nadleeh came in the present Ni’hodisǫs (naats’iiłid) the Glittering (mixture of white and red is pink rainbow) 5th wrold, in the present 5th world we came from rainbow Nadleeh

Wólachii'ji Hatááłi

​Wólachii'ji Hatááłi is a Red Ant Way ceremony of the Navajos, a history about the Red Ant people of the underground of the ancient days, they lived in pyramid Mounds  some with entrance from the top apex, or from the side sometimes facing the Sun or usually facing to the   South SEE sandpainting slideshow Right

​RED man's worlds, in the beginning was it was Dił  red blood and later came Hił the black, from the world of Ni'hodiłhił, the RED ant people came to the first man

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Awl ceremony

Awl an paleo technologies is a major ceremony with minor ceremonies within this ancient paleo tools making skills, knowledge of the edible and non edible animals (bones, wooden and arrowheads images in Ha’neełneehee ceremony, the uses, the origin, some technologies are learned from animals, birds and sea mammals

  1. Africa's Red Ant human  Cave


"He also created the red ants, Wołachii', and the black ants, Wołazhini, which run in a line on the logs in the mountains, the yellow ants, Wolałtsoi, and wood ants, Wolachii aditsah, which are half red and half black, also Nicky-dol-zholi or p. 40 gray ants. He named them as they were created and smiled as he made them. He also made Nahasan-bihoghandi, which lives in the ground, and Wołazhini, which is a tiny black ant, also Ni'honeeyani, or “black bug which flies around”, and which is the Midge." (Navajo Creation Story one of many Aileen O'Bryan's Notes)

Cave Paintings inIndonesia  May Be Among the Oldest

Wóláchíí’bihochxǫ’iji the ceremony of the Red Ant Way something went wrong with it, damaged, bad elements in it, mistakes, death and other diseases from Ants became the Bihochxǫ’iji hataałi and there are minor remedies Aza’a’niił, or Wółáchii’ biyeeł

And there is Wóláchíí’ji bihozhǫ́ǫ́ji the beauty and beneficials part of the Ants people contribution to the origin of modern man is Bihozhǫ́ǫ́ji at’e the harmonizing part on the last night of the ceremony

"Out of Africa 52,000 - 65,000?" and the Red Ant people’s ways when the First and woman came into being the Red Ant people were already living in the Ni’hodiłhił the first Blood Darkness world, interesting is synchronizing dates using harmonics of events of the past, 13,000 is a unique number to apply to universal events of ’Human migrations out of Africa, 13,000 x’s 4 world ages is 52,000, each world has three micro worlds with 4,333 years per micro world age, add 4,333 years to 52,000 is 56,333, add 8.666 to 52,000 is 60,666 years ago emerged out of Ni’hodiłhił is a mind blowing