Dine Bikeyah "The Yeniseian languages (sometimes known as Yeniseic or Yenisei-Ostyak;[notes 1] occasionally spelled with -ss-) are a language family whose languages are and were spoken in the Yenisei River region of central Siberia." Wikipedia notes

Ancient Ket and Diné


"The Yenisei River hosts around 55 native fish species in its waters. Siberian sturgeons, Arctic flounders, Common roaches, Northern pikes, Siberian gudgeons, tenches, and Sterlet sturgeons are some of the most notable of the native fish species in the Yenisei. A large part of the Yenisei River Basin is covered with taiga flora, largely comprised by such coniferous trees as firs, cedars, spruces, and larches. Some areas of the upper Yenisei River Basin also support steppe grasslands. Towards the north, the tagia forests are replaced by Arctic tundra vegetation, itself characterized by ice and snow cover in the cold season, and marshy plains in the summers which are covered by mosses, lichens, and other cold-tolerant plants. The Siberian musk deer, moose, roe deer, and the large Japanese field mouse are some of the mammalian species living in the taiga forests along the Yenisei. Birds like Siberian blue robins, Pallas’s rose-finches, Black-billed caper-caillies, and Swinhoe’s snipes are also found in these forests. Migrant avian species like waterfowl, ducks, geese, and swans can be spotted in the lower reaches of the river in the summertime."

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